Filling in the Blanks

It’s been a long time since I saw you last I remember
the view of you made the background contrast it faded
everything focused eyes on the moment that you made
the last hello I took a snapshot flash saved it in my
(mental picture frame…)
Going through my book I recognize all the times that I
saved you I put them back to back and flip them one by
one a montage has begun with you as everyone memories
of bliss I try to hit but miss delusions scatter this reality
I confuse all the real with everything I feel so
(were we just a dream…)
Were we (just a fragmentation of my imagination…)
It’s been a long time since you saw me before the aftermath
of all the fate that I would contemplate consumed by
all the hate to hate your memory cause I would think
about all the times you were scared scared to see you
gathered up your hate and threw it in my face cause you
were just afraid (just afraid of me…)
Just afraid of things
So I tried to send you a letter in the mail to explain my
nature the years you saw me fall I couldn’t see at all
my mind just built a wall to block reality couldn’t live
the day living sleepless nights trying to find the right
way to go I wish you’d understand that I was dealt
this hand I wish you’d understand
but (you don’t understand…)
You’ll never understand
That our past is (just a fragmentation of my imagination…)
Just a fragmentation of reanimation
Way out of focus…