Theory of 3

So you have one side, which is (+) and the other, which is (-). These are two opposites. They are the “matter” that makes up the world, the universe and our minds: (Black and white, right and left, quiet and loud, angry and sad, north and south, east and west, dry and wet, up and down, etc.) Same as in the principle that friction creates electricity and energy. Now they appear to be opposites of each other. But we as humans are in the middle of these opposites standing in between them perceiving them as opposites. They would not exist without us. Our perception of these elements and ideas creates the reality we live in. So now we have 3 elements:

(+) (p) (-)

The “(p)” in the middle stands for the idea of “perception” between the (+) and (-) perceiving them as opposites. So now the idea of “perception” or “(p)” would be the opposite of (+) and (-) as a whole, so this means that (+) and (-) is actually the “same thing” when compared to (p). I call this theory, the theory of 3.

Now according to “The Theory Of 3” we are the creators of our own reality. The opposites that we “perceive” to exist are only sensed through sight, smell, taste, touch, sound, because we “perceive” them to be there. Any one person can recreate their own reality into whatever reality they want if they simply abide by that simple rule and apply it to what they wish to perceive. What you perceive is what “Is”. It is a very simple idea, yet so complex. The complexity of its complete structure grows beyond the limits of over a billion living humans’ imaginations. The world is such a vast place and our imaginations are even greater. We together as one “Perceiving” unit in unison are creating our own world. The mind cannot tell the difference between thinking it is experiencing something to actually experiencing something.

I can change my own reality any time I want. If I concentrate hard enough and want to perceive something through sight, sound, taste, touch and smell, I can physically and mentally make it happen. Medical specialists would most likely label me as “insane”. But if the entire world was insane, we could collectively create an entire different reality together: perhaps a better one. One without war, hate, jealousy, envy, disease, etc.

So I think to myself, if I could take the one thing that every single person in this world “perceives” at the same exact time, and apply it to “The Theory Of 3”, maybe I could find some sort of answer in it. Maybe I could find some sort of solution or pattern that somehow would lead to what we sense through our day to day “Perception” (Colors, license plates, conversation, language barriers, coincidences, biology, mathematics, facial expressions, body movements, emotion, currency, just about every aspect of everyday life and existence) and then study the mechanics behind this living, breathing machine… and perhaps, change it.

Now there is only one element or idea that possesses that type of energy:


Everybody in the entire world calculates and perceives “Time” all in unison. It is what keeps order. It is the living and breathing organism behind our existence. So what if we take time and apply it and perceive it by the rules of the “Theory Of 3”? I mapped out time according to the rules of the “Theory Of 3”, and drew it all out in a time chart. And once I started showing it to people, very strange things started happening to me, and the more I explored this theory, and the more I told people about it, the more frequent these strange things would occur. So here is what I did.

Time consists and is made up of two opposite elements:

Odds and Evens

Night and Day

Now just as I explained earlier as I did in the “Theory Of 3” Odds (+) and Evens (-) or Night (+) and Day (-) would not exist if we were not perceiving them to exist. So if I can map out time and take the (+) and (-) of it and display it as “ONE” element when compared to my perception, maybe I could see some sort of pattern or answer in the way our world chooses to believe in the things we believe in. A very simple concept:

Time According to 3:

You have 1:00 which according to the “Theory Of 3” would display as “010” This takes the two elements or (even numbers) that are the same and makes them “ONE” element when compared to the one “Odd” number. This simple idea can serve as a metaphor for everything in the world that is perceived as an opposite (Black and white, right and left, quiet and loud, angry and sad, north and south, east and west, dry and wet, up and down, etc.).

Now if you take this idea even further and build off of it, it can display a picture or pattern even greater. A mirror displays every image in reverse. Which can serve as a metaphor that the human looking into the mirror is no more existing than its reverse reflection on the other side of the mirror. Again our “Perception” is what is making it “Real”.

Now take that train of thought and apply it to how we just mapped out 1:00 to the ‘Theory Of 3”… if “010” was “Perception” then “100” and “001” would be its reflecting image on each side. Displaying as follows:


Now follow this same rule from 1:00 to 9:59.

“Even” numbers would be highlighted in “Orange” and “Odd” numbers would be highlighted in “Yellow” to display the patterns that form in every direction.

For every 60 seconds, the rule would be to use the “mirror image” since it is an “Even” amount of digits. “Perception” would not be displayed as a physical digit in the middle but rather an invisible “Line” in the middle perceiving the digits to its right and left. So 15 seconds would be displayed as follows:

15 _____ 51

Four digit time numbers such as 10:00 would also use this “mirror image” concept. And still following the rules of the “Theory Of 3” The amounts of “Odds” and “Evens” would be mapped and displayed accordingly. But in this case, since it is an “Even” amount of digits just like “Seconds of time in increments of 60” it would be mirror images of mirror images; still using the invisible line in the middle of them serving as “Perception”. Displaying on the chart as follows:

1000_0001_ = _1000_0001

All “Invisible Lines” would be highlighted on the chart in either “Blue” or are drawn out horizontally and vertically, thin and in “Black”.

Invisible Line Definition:

The Mental Exercise of Reading Lives (An excerpt from the book of Lines 12, 9,14,5,19)

There is more to life than you believe. There is more to me than you can see. We all revolve around the number 3. Our lives are nothing but an organized system of LINES. Intersecting lines of 3. It is part of the code behind everything. My explanation is the only thing that sets it free. I can see a different reality. Let me show you what I mean…

“L” is the 12th letter of the alphabet.

“I” is the 9th letter of the alphabet.

“N” is the 14th letter of the alphabet.

“E” is the 5th letter of the alphabet.

“S” is the 19th letter of the alphabet.

These letters 12,9,14,5,19 spell “LINES”

Now using this equation 12,9,14,5,19, Mentally exercise and decode this message of everyday lives:

Your vacant ti(12)me in here f(9)rame by frame is y(14)our mo(5)dus operandi. Is that mu(19)ch of a living c(12)onfined to(9)what’s on dialogu(14)e? Coul(5)d you add lib a single ad(19)visable line? S(12)ay “What the(9)f**k is going on?” E(14)mulat(5)e the situations you th(19)ank for minute(12)thoughts t(9)riggering touch(14)es of I(5)nspiration. Draw atten(19)tion to propag(12)anda in a Ps(9)eudonym as the ti(14)tle is(5)recited in the verses. E(19)gotistical he(12)aring is Aw(9)akening my soul, o(14)mnibu(5)s are the words. How coul(19)d I be this way? D(12)ecadent. My(9)thoughts have vo(14)iced u(5)ltrasonic cries. In yes(19)terday I was re(12)fined, now e(9)mpathetic is my m(14)ind. Se(5)e alienorganization h(19)as taken over e(12)laborate a(9)utomation. It is r(14)ecrim(5)inating my sense of the(19)reprise. Can’t f(12)ind out the(9)reasons why I see(14)m so cl(5)arified, analyzing dif(19)ferent sides, r(12)atios of re(9)peating lines. Me(14)tapho(5)rically life is this pr(19)ogram I’m confr(12)onting. The(9)database is two f(14)iles u(5)nmasking each other’s s(19)tructure. The E(12)pisode met(9)hodical, and the o(14)ther b(5)asis is the logical one(19) .



Now start at the first letter of the passage I just read to you then count to the 12th letter. Letter number 12 is the first letter of my hidden message. Then count 9 letters ahead from that and you will receive the next letter of my hidden message. Then count 14 letters ahead from that and you will then receive the next letter of my hidden message. Then count 5 letters ahead from that and you will then receive the next letter of my hidden message. Then count 19 letters from that and you will then receive the next letter of my hidden message. Then start over 12 letters from that repeating the pattern 12,9,14,5,19. This spells out “IF YOU COULD SEE THE THINGS I SEE WOULD YOU SEE ME, HEAR ME, FEEL FREE, OR REFUSE TO BE?"

This is the hidden message behind everything I’ve grown to see…

There is a hidden message behind everything … And if you open your eyes, your ears, and breathe… then you will finally see what I mean. Permanent make up all alone again erased the presence of change. Can’t live that way. So where do we go from here? Room3, the mental exercise of reading lives, broken reflections, fame, dead, goodbye.


Complex and somewhat confusing I know. The main point when mapping out time (no matter if it is an odd or even amount of even and odd digits) is to just stick to the rules of the “Theory Of 3” always keeping the idea of your “Perception” in the middle perceiving everything else as the same idea when compared to your “perception”. Making sure to keep “Like” elements (in this case “odds” and “evens”) the same and on opposing sides when compared to your “Perception” in the middle. All the chart really displays, is just a large series of numerical metaphors for complex humanistic ideas. After all, we are the ones who have created it.

-Joseph A. Peragine | enigareP .A hpesoj