I Just Love McDonalds Cheeseburgers

OK so you never really know when you are in a position to do a good deed for someone. And when the opportunity comes, either you do that good deed, or you selfishly walk away. It all depends on your character. Well let me tell you about a certain experience that I went through when I was at my craziest and you be the judge of my character.

OK, so back when I was really sick with my schizophrenia, I had reached a point where I really went off of my rocker. (Surprise Surprise LOL) One of the things I did was take all of the money out of my bank account (every single penny) and just started giving it away to strangers. Trust me, this is about to get good. So one of my reasons behind this was that, by that time, I was so delusional from my illness that I thought I was Jesus and it was my duty to save the world. (probably wouldn't have put a dent in solving our world's problems with the little amount of money that was in my bank account, but it was all I had, and it's the thought that counts!!!) Anyways, I thought that I could control the universe through this mathematical coded language that I invented so as you can imagine, money had no value to me at this point LOL! A typical thing I would do at this point in my life was buy someone a gift (Like a CD or something), give them a piece of paper with their corresponding "code" written on it (this was based off of my language that I invented) and I would also give them like a $100 dollar bill. I would then say to them something along the lines of, "I am Jesus, I am saving you, this is your code to every unanswered question in your life, and I am going to kill myself to save the world." Ridiculous I know. But the scary thing was that I really meant and believed it!

Anyways, so along my journeys, one of my stops was McDonalds. I had pulled up to the drive thru window and ordered one (count it) one cheeseburger. I then pulled up to the window and paid for it. Thing was, I gave the cashier a $100 dollar bill and immediately started to pull away. The cashier being astounded lunged half of his body out of the window and into my truck and said" Hey Man… Don't you want your change?!?!?" And I said," No man… You keep it!" He then said," What are you f***in crazy or something!?!?" I immediately replied "Na man I Just love McDonalds Cheese Burgers!!!"