October 23, 2000.
Voices, another night we meet here again. I know I can always count on you to be there when I arrive. Voices, so set me off, make me feel alive, voices, pull all my emotions out, break them all up into pieces, put together my invincible species, voices, give me all that you got, voices, I'll give you all that I got, a lot, let's square off, I have nothing to lose, four ways I can corner you, it's your choice so choose, voices, so you say you think I won't follow through, and that you say you want to fight back two on two, I know I can always count on you not to give up, to live up, to my expectations, my negative revelations, my negative self-medication of self-mutilation, so go ahead, set me off, I'll go for broke, break it all up, because broken emotions is all I’ve got, voices, we're all trapped in this box, voices, forms the crowd of us, voices, another time we meet here again, somehow this voice sticks out of millions, my voice, for years of every second, voices, sixty frames of hatred, you better go before I build up a minute, this moment, I seem to hold it sacred, pictures I've painted black, voices, built from sadness, I'll title my portrait the infinite madness, voices, your irony feeds my laughter, your life's is a joke, and I know the punch line after, I'm now laughing out loud, lay the box out for display, just another day, in the life of my war face, so look me in the eyes and show me your voices, you ain't shit. you're just another disease, you feel it's free to breathe when you’re taking from another life in need, It’s your f**kin greed, in my head you try to plant your seed, well you better believe, that my soil does not feed, your fungus and your weeds, because I have strong roots, your confusion is understanding I take true, the day you become real, you will realize I could never be you, a delusion of one mind, I have you all defined, with one name, face to face, I see right through your game, Sane if only you could bring me there, or would you just bring me to a lifeless stare? Why don't you trade your minds and put a good one to use, maybe you'd see yourself from my point of view, voices, see me, the human anomaly, driven to intervene, I'm the multi-colored figurine, walking through the black and white re-run that is your world, black and white re-run men, women, boys, and girls, listed in the credits, neglecting my presence, because your images have to change color to own individuality, nobody has one personality, just a memory of casualties left behind, broken pieces of time and past lives, your lives are destroying your own, we're all in this together, together I am alone, as I spend my time in hiding, through mathematics and dividing, looking back I can’t help my crying, because your reality is dying, and I’m becoming alive.