Sonicbids Artist Review Series: #16 JOSEPH A. PERAGINE

- (John Tenting of

If you'd like to take a trip to somewhere most of us have never been, then you need to get in line for a ticket to visit, Joseph A. Peragine. A self-proclaimed Avant-garde Alternative Artist, Peragine delivers his musical pictures with a dedication to his art form that most of us can't even imagine.  Cincinnati serves as home base for this unique creator.

The cover for his most recent release, "Self-Medication...Poems of Alienation" (Nov.2006) is a disturbing testament to that commitment. Peragine, in his kitchen, standing shirtless and ripped, one arm out, fist clenched, holding it over the open flame of his stove.  This is the musical road trip in a man's mind who has been through the rigors and personal struggles of paranoid schizophrenia.  He faces fears most of us don't acknowledge.  His first release in 2004, "The Acoustic Diaries" is a biography of that story. Back to the more recent music, or should I say music movies?

Peragine's affinity for somber, dark sounds on "Fighting For Existence" pulls us in like a stranger in a dark alley.  The repetitive guitar is haunting and provocative. A female speaks eerily,  "Of Course you know one of us has to die...right? I love you...good bye." and that begins "Perspectives of Then and Now Saved...Metamorphosis Engraved/Rewind". Obviously one of the longest song titles in history, but, it has a Pink Floyd feel to the arrangement, music, and sound choices.  A reverse pull on his guitar effect, and dates being rambled off faster and faster until finally day one is announced and the song ends.  "Nobody Home" is another example of Joseph A. Peragine's ability to provide us with layers of sound, knocking on doors, doorbells ringing unanswered and a droning rhythm guitar throughout provide the backdrop for this mysterious tale. My absolutely favorite composition on his EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is the mellow and addictive "Matter of Opinion".  The vocals are delivered softly with a strong heart.  This man is invested in his music, his life a song board he shares with us. Still you are around me again...Wait this is not over yet...Why can't things be different for me...It's all a matter of opinion yeah Why is it my decision now When can it all be over Later on where will I be Gone...written by Joseph A. Peragine "Voices" is downright frightening, but, necessary.  It's Peragine's tale of admission into a mental institution.  His inner self-analysis and ability to communicate it to us effectively is important.  He is like a living, breathing experiment we all get to discover.

I'm glad this artist has been able to go to the edge, and sometimes over it, if not only for the beautiful irony of his music to share with us, but, more importantly for his ability to survive it and thrive afterwards and share that with us also. Don't be afraid to go where you haven't been and check out the video on his EPK on  It's a great way to get to know this artist personally documentary style. Oh yeah, check him out at too.