Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard Of Band Of The Day: Joseph A. Peragine

- (Spencer of Synthesis Magazine)

This is why you never let someone battling with paranoid schizophrenia host their own cooking show. Cincinnati OH one-man-band Joseph A. Peragine takes some burly photos; these images might at first come as stark contrast to the songs on “Self Medication…Poems of Alienation” that feature his soft vocal delivery and acoustic guitars. Then you run into spoken-word tracks that are spat with manic delivery and adderall-urgency. It’s like Filter showing up at a slam-poetry festival with an ovation guitar and a suitcase full of inner demons. His music is certainly not for everyone, but if it’s raining outside and your mood is a bit on the misanthropic side, at least you’re not feeling as confused and frustrated as our Band You’ve Never Heard Of Band of the Day, Joseph A. Peragine. Check out his space here.