S**t Party

Yeah I like a good s**t party. I hope they have cheese curls and grape soda!!! Oh I hope they have board games there too. I love to play them. Hopefully there will be lots of girls there. Manipulative young ladies, Ahhhhhhhh, how can I forget those ladies, now should I regret those ladies, and their shady- ness, with your beautiful finesse, oh I wanna caress, the empty space of your loneliness, the lady and her secrets, time to get ready for the social event!!! Have all your invitations been sent?? Oh yeah, you hope he comes and brings his friends scum, Oh but you’re so excited, your lady friends are delighted, your expectations you have recited, over and over and over again, to your enthusiastic lady friends, well put on your weekend’s best!!! An outfit that pushes out your chest, and reveals a small portion of your breasts, but don’t dress, too revealing, you want to look like you own real feelings, because you’re the sophisticated, monogamous, lady with the with the morals and values of Marcia Brady, with your lovely hair… Oh I want to smell it for hours until my sense of smell devours, Oh I’m such a coward, when it comes to you my young lady, come into you my young lady, what I would do for you my young lady, I want you to have my baby, because you’re such a lady, I must be crazy!!! Only for you my young lady. Please save me, enslave me, shape me, rape me, take me, make me worthy of your femininity, your credibility, you’re so feminine, the way you cover up your blemishes, disguising your face, with that mask in your compact make up case, making sure to fill up the ugly space, of the expression on your face, because you know you’re a disgrace, a participant in the feminine rat race, but it’s ok, because your feminine. The party starts in a half hour!!!!! So put on your final touches, before the party rushes, in. Oh you hope he shows, as your confidence grows, you look so beautiful in your disguise, as you gaze into your own eyes, staring into your companion for life or should I say lives, you see the image of the images of lies, because you have already covered up the cries, and the circles of time under your eyes, from all the hours you spend at night thinking of the words I say, wondering how you can face the new day, It’s Ok… because you’re feminine. I know the truth hurts your positive self esteem’s growth spurts, that’s why I explain it well, and that’s why you’ll try to find your right to speak, to ease your bad dreams, the dreams that split the warmth you surround yourself with at the seams, you’ll try to release me, as you subconsciously increase me, the growth of your confidence in yourself now experiences a drought, Ahhhhh because once I’m in your head you can’t get me out, I’m there every time you feel a shred of doubt, that’s what these words are all about, they’re kind of like that loud noise that interrupts your beauty sleep, the growing beep, as I creep, up to a leap, in your face as your alarm clock set to your appropriate time, Awwwwwwww, you wake up hours early, so you can surely, beat the bathroom traffic, so you can always look so fantastic, HaHaHa, drastic, mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most feminine one of all??? You are. A,HaHa, Oh no, you are. Awwwww you work so hard, you deserve a raise, in my business of feminine praise, I’ll pay, I’ll pay you more attention, give you the number of your new extension, 666. Give you a taste of what it's like to be human waste, you deserve your own malaise, because you’re so feminine. But I still love you. Fifteen minutes!!! You better finish getting ready soon, the party starts at the rise of the moon, is your breath in tune??? You’d hate to ruin those intimate moments, so you check all your components, how clean is your nose?? Is there s**t between your toes?? My vomit maybe, because you know how I worship the ground you walk on, as I talk on, with a finger down my throat, can you swim? Or by the time I’m done, will you need a boat? I need a gun, to my head, because you’re so feminine, please feed me your hypnotic poison medicine, make me believe, you cannot deceive, give me hope in your tree, set me a goal or fruit to retrieve, Ms. Young lady Eve, Ms. Wanna be prom queen, I wanna destroy your religious philosophies, make you believe in me, Ms. Elementary Catholic school tease, Ms. Mentally Transmitted disease, Please!!!! Come and talk to me. I’m shy so you know I won’t make the first move, I have nothing to prove, to you, except me. Because you’re so feminine, you’re such a catch, where else could I find someone like you??? Everywhere, anywhere, driving down a road to nowhere. Hitchhike?? I’d rather sit and stare, eventually I’ll get somewhere.